From the President

I’ve seen a lot of change and innovation during my 35 plus years of involvement in the building industry. Technology and building methods have certainly evolved over the years however the one thing that hasn’t changed is the pride that I derive from my work as a home builder in the Chicago Metro area. I continue to feel a sense of satisfaction when I drive through the communities that U.S. Shelter has created. We may build houses, but it is the families living there that truly create the community. I’m proud of the legacy that we are leaving for future generations.


I’m a second-generation builder and I've been involved in virtually every phase of the business (including working as a laborer) before taking over the company that my father started. I was named President of U.S. Shelter in 1984 and have held that title since.


One of the primary lessons that I’ve learned over the years in this business is the importance of listening to the needs of our home buyers. I promise that the U. S. Shelter team will strive to address your questions and concerns as completely and accurately as possible. We endeavor to establish a positive relationship and create realistic expectations of what happens throughout the course of building a new home.


I take great pride in the level of service that our Sales and Production teams bring to the organization. Some of our employees have been with U.S. Shelter for over 25 years –- a feat that is quite unusual in this business.


Only a handful of developers have remained in business as long as U.S. Shelter. Along the way we’ve worked hard to gain our reputation in the industry for our commitment to business ethics and fairness. Respected sub-contractors in the building trades specifically request to work with us because of our commitment to fair play and honesty that goes back many years.

I’m involved with the hands-on management of our production team which includes regular site visits. My primary love however is in the planning and implementation of future communities. Our goal is to create livable communities that support the needs of it's home owners, as well as the growth pattern of the town in which the community is located. We strive to achieve a community that adds value to the area and is a good neighbor.


This approach has served U.S. Shelter well during my 35 plus years of building homes. I sincerely hope that the advantages of purchasing a U.S. Shelter home have become obvious and that you seriously consider becoming one of our new neighbors.

Our policy of continual improvement in design and construction requires that specifications, materials, dimensions, plans and sales price are subject to change without notice.

Room sizes are approximate and may vary with elevation and the selection of various options. © 2017 U.S. Shelter.