At U.S. Shelter we are proud of our reputation which has been founded on nearly 40 years of building quality homes and communities.  We place great emphasis on a proud and satisfied U.S. Shelter home owner.  Further we are delighted to have been chosen to build many second and third homes for our previous purchasers and their families.  Here are just a few of their comments...

When Jeff and I started house hunting, we knew we wanted a townhouse and we knew wanted something nice. We looked at several homes through out the area, but agreed we wanted to stay in the Elgin area. Jeff's family has bought houses from US Shelter for many years, and has a sister currently living in Fieldstone, so with this in mind we went to Fieldstone to look at townhouses. When we walked into the model and met Joanie, our fate was sealed. We were informed that the houses now being sold were going to be in a new subdivision called Countryfield. We were fortunate enough to be able to pick the very first house. The staff has been exceptional in answering our questions, giving us ideas and places to call for mortgages. Throughout the process of the building, we were kept up to date on what was happening and we were able to view the outside of the property as it was being built. We were able to do a walk through half way through and see what was behind the drywall.

When we moved in, we were greeted with open arms, a welcome basket, a book filled with information and place to go when we had questions. We were never turned away or given the bum's rush when we went   in with questions. We have been living here now for 3 months, and haven't regretted a single moment. We would both    recommend (and have) Countryfield Townes and US Shelter to anyone who asks.


Sincerely, Jeff and Deb F.


….my intention with this letter was to truly illustrate the “WOW” service that we have experienced with U.S. Shelter homes. Great service is not automatic in America even if the cost is high. It takes special employees to really reach out and make a special experience for those they serve. Service such as this should be recognized. Thank you to those who contributed to our special experience. Best wishes to you and your company.


Sincerely, Eve P. Family










Sincerely, Alex & Kelli A.


My husband and I had entertained the idea of down sizing for the last few years. Our children were grown and we no longer needed a large home and were ready for one level living. We had lived in our home for over 27 years and loved our community so it was imperative we had no regrets when we finally made our decision. We knew we did not want an over 55 community but preferred to have a community with families of all ages.


We had a long list of things that were imperative, which included reputation of the builder, style and size of the home and most important a beautiful lot with mature trees. Being a realtor I am familiar with area builders their reputations and developments. That is how we ended up at Oak Ridge. We really liked working with a smaller Builder, the personalized service we received and flexibility in customizing our home.


Bill and Leslie


We found the perfect home! The Builder was easy to work with and built us a home we can be proud of. The sales staff answered all of our questions and was there for us through the entire process. Everyone at U.S. Shelter was very professional and got "right on top of our requests". Even the construction office reps were friendly and willing to help when you called on them with a problem or a question about the home.


It is refreshing to work with a team you can count on. I have and will recommend U.S. Shelter to all of my friends and anyone who is looking for a good Builder.


John and Whitney


I had never built a new home before but purchasing a townhome from U.S. Shelter was a wonderful experience and everyone in the sales office and the field were professional, informative and accommodating.  The staff was very helpful in making suggestions and assisting with upgrades and options to help personalize my townhome.  They went above and beyond the call of duty and found ways to make my dreams a reality.  The individualized customer service and friendliness of the U.S. Shelter staff made my townhome purchase an enjoyable experience...  U.S. Shelter will always receive high praise from me.


Sincerely, Diane S.


…We got married, honeymooned and moved into our new townhome all in the same month.  As busy as we were, it really helped that the people at U.S. Shelter were so easy to work with.  They took the time to help us choose our options and answer the multitude of questions we had.  We LOVE our new home!


Sincerely, Joanne


It didn’t take Kelli and I long to discover Oak Ridge. It was the first place we visited on our house hunt and eventually the last place as well. The homes are beautiful, the area is great, and the experience with US Shelter was even better. Being a family owned business made it feel like our closest friends were building our new home. They were there every step of the way to accommodate changes, make suggestions, and help with every aspect of our new home. Now we have a home to be proud of and a professional company that we would suggest to anybody. We look forward to many years in our home. Thank you!

Our policy of continual improvement in design and construction requires that specifications, materials, dimensions, plans and sales price are subject to change without notice.

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